Best Days to Sell Your Home

When are the Best Days to Sell Your Home?​

Looking to sell your home, HomeHunters? Timing is everything when it comes to selling a home. Figuring out when to sell a house can be complicated but our team at HomeHunt can help you decide the best time to put your house up on the market.

The best time to sell a home is during the summer months. The real estate market booms during the warmer months and sellers can receive higher premiums of up to 10% or more on the sale of their homes. May, June, and July are the top months to take the plunge and sell your home, with May being the overall best month to get the most return on your investment (ROI). According to experts and past home selling analyses, these are the specific days with the most buyer demand:


May 24 June 20
May 29 June 21
May 31 June 28
June 17 June 29

According to past data, these are the days that can make you the most money on your house. Saturdays are also a popular day to sell your home during any time of the year. Of course, the current market circumstances and interest rates also influence how fast your home will sell. The location of your home can also impact when the best time of year is to sell your house.

Selling Your Home During Different Seasons

Spring – As mentioned above, buyers are more likely to buy a home when the weather gets warm. It is smart to prep your home in the winter to be prepared for the spring selling season.

Summer – Once again, the warm weather during this season brings more buyers out and more people are on the hunt for a home during the summer. Summer is slightly slower than spring due to kids being home from school and vacations, but these are still the best days to put your home up for sale.

Fall – Those who are shopping during the fall are usually looking to move because of a job transfer, layoff, or a family issue. These types of shoppers may be more sensitive to price and will shop around until they find the right home that fits their needs.

Winter – This season is traditionally a slower time for selling a home, but if you live in places that remain warm all year long, you may be able to attract snowbirds who move to warmer places in the summer.

Buyer’s Market vs. Seller’s Market

Buyer’s Market – This is when the number of available properties for sale exceeds the number of people looking to buy a home. When inventory is high, sellers should expect their homes to stay on the market longer before receiving an offer. You may also have to sell below the listing price to accommodate buyers.​

Seller’s Market – During this type of market, there are more home buyers than there are houses available. This is the ideal time to sell your home as you can sell more quickly and at a higher price.​

Our agents at HomeHunt are highly knowledgeable on the best days to sell your home and can answer any questions during the home selling process. Contact us today!

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