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Simplifying your real estate experience: HomeHunt connects you with a real estate relationship manager who is personable, available, and responsive to your needs.

Your Real Estate Relationship Manager

A real estate relationship manager is your single source for all of your real estate questions to ease concerns and connect you with the right HomeHunt agent and lending officer. Additionally, your real estate relationship manager will make sure everything is in order from start to finish so that you can enjoy the process stress‑free.

Ensures maximum client satisfaction and professionalism throughout the entire home buying/selling journey.

Keeps you connected with your loan officer and agent.

Here to answer any and all questions from start to finish.

Resolves any confusion between you, your agent, and loan officer.

Couple holding a video conference on a laptop.

Why Do You Need a
Relationship Manager?

Once you decide to buy a new home or sell your current one, do you know which steps are needed to connect with an agent? That is where your Real Estate Relationship Manager comes in. This professional will help guide your real estate team through the entire home buying/selling process. No more unanswered questions or concerns, your relationship manager has the resources you need to efficiently buy or sell a home.

Couple holding a video conference on a laptop.
Young woman wearing a call headset and smiling.
Young woman wearing a call headset and smiling.

How Does a Relationship Manager Differ From Your Lender or Agent?

Your real estate agent will help you find a home and negotiate with the seller, while your lender works to secure your loan. Keeping the team updated and on track can be a challenging task to do alone. That's where the Relationship Manager shines! They'll maintain clear communication between your agent and lender to streamline the process so you can focus on securing the home of your dreams.

Relationship Manager FAQs

Through direct and indirect means, relationship managers help improve communication and relationships between clients and service providers.

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