Make an Offer Sellers Can't Refuse

In today’s housing market, competition is fierce and sellers are looking for the most enticing offer among eager buyers. Unfortunately, this makes it hard for first-time home buyers to have a shot at buying the home of their dreams. At HomeHunt, we believe that every person deserves a fair chance at homeownership. That’s why we partnered with Cash2Keys to provide buyers with a new program that offers sellers something they can’t refuse: cash!

Get ahead of the competition.

Cash offers are the best way to beat the competition no matter what the market is doing.

Instill confidence.

Sellers have more confidence that the deal will go through when cash is involved.

Faster process, easier closing.

With less paperwork, you close faster. A mortgage approval can take 45 to 60 days to complete, while closing a cash transaction can take as little as two weeks.

No appraisal stress.

Lenders require an appraisal before approving a mortgage. With a cash offer, the home’s value is whatever the buyer is willing to pay.

Become a Cash Buyer

A mother and child share a sweet moment in their kitchen.
A young man sitting casually on a couch smiles while holding his smart phone.
A young man sitting casually on a couch smiles while holding his smart phone.

How the Cash Offer Program Works

HomeHunt will make a cash offer on the home of your dreams and once accepted, you will buy back the home from us with your own mortgage. Let’s break it down:

  1. Get Pre-Approved: HomeHunt will help you get approved for this program.
  2. Make an Offer: Find the home of your dreams and let a HomeHunt agent make the best cash offer.
  3. Pick a Lender and Finance Your Loan: Work with a lender of your choosing or connect with a HomeHunt Mortgage Professional who knows the ropes.
  4. Prepare for Closing: After the seller accepts the offer, you will pay the earnest money deposit, schedule a home inspection, and start the mortgage process.
  5. Sign Off: Review and sign all documents to secure your new home!

How to Become a Cash Buyer

This program works as a purchase contract backed by a cash offer. After a short due diligence period where you can have a home inspection and appraisal, the cash offer becomes non-refundable, and the seller knows that it will close. You may choose to have the purchase contract assigned to you so that you close as the buyer or have Cash2Keys close quickly, then sell the property to you for the same price.

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