Who Should Be on Your Home Seller's Team?

home seller's team

The Top Five People to Help You Sell Your Home

Whether you are an experienced home seller or a first timer, there are certain people you will need on your team to make the process easier. Selling a home can be stressful, but with the right people, your worries will quickly disappear. Here are the five key people that HomeHunt agents recommend for your home seller's team.

Listing Agent

The listing agent helps price the home, list the property, market, and negotiate with other agents to ensure you get the highest price. A listing agent will receive commission on the sale of the home, making them highly motivated to sell your house at the best price possible. It may seem tempting to try and sell your home on your own, but an experienced listing agent understands the local market. They will manage the process from start to finish and handle all negotiations, inspection results, and legal issues. 

Home Inspector

Once you have an interested buyer, they will send out a home inspector to evaluate the condition of the property. The inspector will report anything that is outdated or missing from the home. They will also ensure that your plumbing and electric are working properly before the new owners move in. A home inspector will also inspect your roof for leaks, any fire hazards in the home, and test all appliances for problems. After the inspector finishes their examination, they will give you a list of all problems that should be fixed. Sellers need to fix these problems or disclose them to the potential new homeowners before the final paperwork is signed. 


When searching for a new home, most buyers will view online listing photos before scheduling a walkthrough. It is important to hire a professional real estate photographer to take your photos to ensure that they capture your home's best qualities. These photographers know how to use lighting and flattering angles to make your home look appealing to potential buyers. Your listing agent can help you with hiring a photographer or may provide one for you for free with the listing. 


Before you list your house, hiring the help of a handyman to fix any problems will  make your house more appealing to buyers. Handymen can help with everything from paint touch-ups to electrical problems and maintenance issues. Buyers will notice problems that you may overlook, and a handyman can ensure that your house is ready to go on the market. Making a great first impression to buyers starts with improving the faults and issues within your home. 


Curb appeal is important. A house with overgrown shrubs, long grass, or old mulch will cause concern over the upkeep of the entire house. A landscaper will spread fresh mulch, trim shrubbery and trees, plant new flowers, and mow your lawn. This creates a friendly and appealing atmosphere that buyers will be sure to appreciate. 

Selling a home can be difficult and may feel overwhelming at times. HomeHunt can help you make the right decisions when it comes to selling your home. Contact us today!

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