, How To Cut Back on Heating Bills This Winter

Lowering Heating Bills for the Season

Homeowner expenses can become astronomical during certain seasons, and winter is no exception. When the air becomes frigid and you want to stay indoors in a cozy atmosphere, the heating bill could take a massive hit to your wallet. Heating bills account for up to 40% of a homeowner’s utility expenses.

Many factors can affect your home’s heating ability, such as setting your thermostat at a high temperature for the entire season or dressing in light clothing around the house. This may lead you to overheat your home. However, there are ways homeowners can cut down on their heating bills this season without freezing.


Ways to Lower Your Heating Bill

  • Trap in Heat: Areas in your home that lose up to one-quarter of heat include the windows, doors, fireplaces, and power outlets. Be mindful of these areas and use preventative measures to trap the heat, such as draft stoppers. It also helps to close the doors of rooms that are not in use to save heat.
  • Wear Layers: The fewer layers you wear in your home, the more you will turn up the thermostat. Dress in cozy clothing, such as sweats or yoga pants, and invest in a good pair of lounge socks or slippers.
  • Let the Sun In: Make sure all available light from the sun can shine through the windows as this will help warm up the rooms. If you purchased heavy drapery, consider pulling it back during the day to let the light in.
  • Turn Down the Thermostat: Decreasing the temperature in your home by just 10 degrees can help you save up to 10% annually. Leave the temperature set around 63 degrees Fahrenheit when you leave for work if no one is home during the day.
  • Rearrange Your Living Space: Moving rooms around can improve the airflow in your home and help heat spread to areas normally blocked off. Be sure that no air vents are being covered by furniture.
  • Consider Other Heating Techniques: If you want to cut down on your overall bill, but want to stay warm, consider a space heater or heated blankets. Decor such as throw blankets, rugs, and pillows can also make for a cozy atmosphere and keep you warm without running to the thermostat. In addition, it helps to turn on ceiling fans as they can circulate warm air.
  • Update Your Heating System: If you keep turning up the thermostat but don’t feel a difference in your home, you may need a brand new heating system. Conduct an annual inspection before the winter season to determine if anything needs to be replaced or fixed.

Homeowner expenses can pile up when utilities break down. For more information on smart homeownership or which utilities to account for as a new homeowner, download our new eBook or contact HomeHunt today!

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