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How to Properly Prepare & Budget for Homeownership

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5 Factors

This guide will help you avoid the five major pitfalls that can come from buying too much house.

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This guide won’t leave you actionless. Our highlighted takeaways will steer an home buyer toward the right path.

Mockup image for HomeHunt's 'Stop! Don't Be House Poor!' real estate eBook.

Sample: Budgeting Basics

Start a Budget Audit

Budgeting is never a fun activity, but take a hard look at what you make and what you spend. This is the first step to avoid becoming house poor. Start creating a monthly budget and adhere to it as much as possible. The following ways can help you audit your budget and set aside funds for your future home:

  Create an expense sheet that lists what you spend every month. Start with your monthly take home, then write down everything you spend money on for two weeks. You will not know how to control your money until you know how to control your spending…


Affording a home was so important to me that I didn’t account for any issues after I moved in. Everyone talks about buying a home, but no one tells you what happens after you move in. It was so refreshing to learn about how to prepare for home maintenance issues, who to contact, and how to save without going broke.

Millie T.

Creating and sticking to a budget was never something I was good at. The checklists in this eBook really helped me see where my money was going and how to cut back. I now have a better idea of what’s included in the closing costs and how to account for those expenses in my down payment.

Adam C.

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