6 Fall lawn Tips You Need To Know Before Winter Arrives

6 Lawn Tips to Prepare for the Harsher Months​

As temperatures drop and leaves begin to fall, you may feel that lawn tending is futile. However, preparing your property before winter will lead to lush grass and foliage after the snow melts. If you are looking to sell your home in the spring, curb appeal will come in handy as buyers begin looking for their new home. Here are six lawn tips to help boost the charm of your property:

1. Soil Test - What is it?​

If you want to get serious about the success of your yard, then a property soil test is a great place to start. Your property's soil health is key to a luscious yard, and it's not enough to depend on the look and feel alone; experts recommend performing a soil test and sending it to a local lab to analyze the soil's fertility.

To perform a soil test, scoop dirt from several areas of your property and place it into a clean bucket. After you've collected about two to three cups of soil, package it up and send it to your local soil testing lab.

The test itself will take around two weeks and will analyze levels of phosphorus, potassium, organic matter, and Ph. The final report will offer information on improving the nutrition of your soil for better-looking grass and healthier foliage.

Soil Test Lawn Care2. Feed Your Lawn​

To get healthy grass come springtime, feed your lawn before the onset of winter. It is a common misconception that grass dies in cold months. In reality, grass enters a dormant state to protect itself from the cold. It stops growing and often turns brown, but the grassroots themselves are very much alive. 

Like animals before hibernation, grass needs to stock up on nutrition before it freezes. You can help your grass out by fertilizing it in the fall. The most efficient way to feed your grass is with a feed/fertilizer spreader. Pour in the feed, then push the spreader evenly over the entirety of your lawn.

3. "Please, Keep Off the Grass"​

An easy way to help out your lawn is by avoiding walking on it. Stone paths are a great way to save your grass and also increase curb appeal. Be sure to remove miscellaneous objects and furniture off of your grass to encourage growth as well.

4. Mulch the Leaves​

Fallen leaves can be one of the biggest proponents of unhealthy grass. Dead leaves may cover your entire yard and prevent your grass from absorbing essential vitamins from the sun. Avoid over-raking and instead mulch the leaves with a lawnmower. Shredded leaves will have a much easier time decomposing and enriching the soil.

Lawn Care - Aerator Shoes5. Aerate the Soil​

The summer heat most likely compacted your soil and damaged the grassroots. Heat damage is one of the top causes of brown and thinning lawns. The aeration process involves removing soil plugs from your property to create passageways for nutrients to reach the roots better and feed the grass. Easy ways to aerate your lawn include:

  • Aerator Sandals: These shoes have spikes on the sole and poke holes into your yard as you walk.
  • Garden Fork: Push the tines into the soil, then wriggle them back and forth to create small holes.
  • Rolling Aerator: Rolling aerators are a bit quicker than handheld ones. Pass the aerator over your lawn multiple times, paying particular attention to areas with high foot traffic.

6. Weed and Pest Control​

Weeds are unsightly and destructive to your lawn, so don't forget to spray or remove any weeds before the winter. There will only be more come springtime. You can even make your own weed killer with vinegar, salt, and dish soap. Be careful not to use too much, as it can kill your grass too.

If you find that your grass has an abundance of brown spots, you may have a pest problem, such as grubs, armyworms, or fire ants. You can apply a topical pesticide or hire a landscaping service. However, be aware that these pesticides can be harmful to young children and pets.

A sharp-looking yard is essential to the sale of a home. If you are looking to sell or buy a new home, or want more lawn tips, contact HomeHunt today to get started!


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