Six Steps to Success

How to Become a Smart Home Buyer

Whether you’re hunting for your first home or your third, don’t miss out on discovering these six essential steps to becoming a successful home buyer.

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What's Inside?

6 Steps to Success

From finances to home shopping, this guide walks home buyers through the right steps to buying a home.

5 Smart Home Buyer Tips

Little tips along the way highlight what a home buyer should know and apply when buying a new home.

2 Printable Workbooks

Get a handle on your finances with a household budget and stay focused while shopping with our home shopper’s checklist.

Mockup image for HomeHunt's 'Six Steps to Success' real estate eBook.

Sample: Budget Basics

Time to create a budget!

Before you start researching your dream home, you need to know how much you can realistically afford. It is important to come to a real, hard number so you do not go over budget when looking at houses. Take a look at your current income and expenses to determine what you can afford for a mortgage payment and monthly bills.

The general rule is that you should not spend more than 30% of your takehome income on housing. Account for home insurance, property taxes, other utilities, and maintenance costs. Consider creating a home emergency fund…


As a new home buyer, I felt very overwhelmed and unsure of where to begin. I also didn’t know what I needed when purchasing a home, including how my credit score could impact my loan approval. This eBook really helped me understand the process and prepare for homeownership.

Abigail B.

The mortgage process has always been pretty confusing to me. I read this book to help better understand mortgages and the home-buying process. Was not disappointed! I felt super prepared to buy my first home after reading. I especially enjoyed the chapter about loans, and it helped me find the right loan for me.

David H.

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