Buy Now, Sell Later

Are you financially stuck between selling your current home and buying another? Take advantage of our new program that lets buyers Buy Now and Sell Later!

Don't Wait, Buy Now!

If you’re a current homeowner looking to move or upgrade, you know that it’s harder than ever to juggle the challenges of finding a new home while working on selling your own. Plus, timing issues could leave your family with nowhere to live for days, weeks, or longer. To eliminate these stresses and make buying your next home easier, HomeHunt offers a solution in the form of our new program called, “Buy Now, Sell Later”. Eligible homeowners will now have the ability to move into a new home before selling their current one.

Sell on your own terms.

Eliminate the stresses of devising a buying and selling timeline. Instead, you can focus on selling your current home on your own terms.

Make a cash offer.

Found the home of your dreams? HomeHunt’s partner will bid with a strong cash offer to increase your chances of securing the home.

Move in sooner.

Mortgage approval can take 45 to 60 days to complete. Closing a cash transaction can take as little as two weeks, meaning you can move into your new home sooner!

Utilize our rent accrual program.

No need to wait to move into your new home. Accrue rent that will be paid back to us later after your previous home is sold.

Ready to Buy Your Next Home?

A couple drinks coffee while sitting on their kitchen floor.
A real estate agent showing a home to an older couple.
A real estate agent showing a home to an older couple.

How Buy Now, Sell Later Works

Our affiliate Cash2Keys program purchases the house for you, then you move right in and purchase the home back from us once your former home is sold. When the offer on your new home is accepted and Cash2Keys closes, you’ll move into the property and accrue rent that you pay later, after your home has sold.

Let’s take a closer look at the step-by-step process:

  1. Get Pre-Approved: HomeHunt will walk you through this process and help you get pre-approved!
  2. Find Your Dream Home: Work with one of our agents to find your perfect home.
  3. Time to Bid: Your HomeHunt Mortgage Professional, Real Estate Agent, Relationship Manager, as well as the special program Home Purchase Coordinator will work together with you to make a cash offer, along with inspection terms and a closing date of your choosing.
  4. Offer is Accepted: Congratulations!
  5. Closing: HomeHunt’s partner program Cash2Keys will close on the home in preparation to sell it back to you.
  6. Move-In: With the rent accrual program, there’s no need to wait. Move into your new home immediately!
  7. Sell Your Old Home: With your belongings removed from your former home, you can now stage it however you like and take time choosing the best offer from buyers.
  8. Seal the Deal: Sign the dotted line and become the official owner of your new home!

Buy Now, Sell Later FAQs

Buy Now, Sell Later allows you to turn this traditional requirement on its head and buy before you sell. HomeHunt, partnered with Cash2Keys, will make a cash offer on your behalf and allow you to move in and rent immediately upon closing. The rent is accrued but not immediately paid, so you will never have two housing payments. After you have sold your old home, you will buy your new home back from our affiliate, Cash2Keys.

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