, Which Qualities are Important in a Real Estate Agent?

qualities in a real estate agent

Top Qualities for a Real Estate Agent

When choosing a real estate agent, you want to make sure that they have certain qualities that fit with your needs. This person will be working with you throughout the entire home transaction, so you don’t want to choose someone you are not comfortable with or unsure of. Before you choose an agent, consider the following qualities that can help you in your search:

Expertise in Their Field

This quality is extremely important as you do not want an agent who is new to the market. An agent who has polished their skillset over the years will know how to maneuver the home search all the way up to the closing date. You want an agent who is confident in their work and will not falter when it comes time to help you find your dream home.

Knowledge of the Local Market

Your agent should know the area you desire to live in. They should know how accessible shopping centers are from your home, as well as how the work commute is. An agent who knows the market can also negotiate and find you the best home within your budget. Ask questions to narrow down your search, such as how long they’ve worked in the market and if they have a negotiation strategy. A good agent will negotiate both the listing and selling price to make sure you are getting the best deal.

Good Personality

Be sure to choose a real estate agent who is happy to work with you and is just as excited to get you into a home as you are. An agent who finds this work to be tedious does not deserve your business. You also want to make sure your agent clicks with your personality and understands exactly what you want in a home. An agent who disagrees with your home views is not an ideal choice. You want someone on your side during the entire home transaction.

Displays Trustworthiness

A good real estate agent should explain everything to you in complete honesty to help you determine which properties are best. They should also advise you of any issues that you find in a home. For example, if any repairs are needed, they should be transparent on what the home needs before any offers are discussed.

Values Communication

A real estate agent should communicate with their clients often about available houses in the market and current housing and market trends. Good communication can help you snag that house before another potential buyer. You also want to make sure your agent understands the best ways to communicate with you and understands your boundaries. They should only contact you regarding your preferred methods and timeframes. For example, you may only want to be contacted via phone calls in the evenings rather than in the morning. 

homehunt.blog.post-qualities-in-real-estate-agent-1.700x400Puts the Client’s Needs First

A real estate agent should be fully motivated to obtain the best deal for you. Any questions and concerns should be addressed promptly and you should feel fully supported by your real estate team. The home transaction does not run as smoothly when clients do not feel like their team is on their side.

Finding the right real estate agent is important when searching for your dream home. HomeHunt can set you up with the right agent that fits your home buying needs. Contact us today to get started!

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