What to Do When Flooding Damages Your Home

What to Know When Flooding Threatens Your Home​

Residential flooding is a common concern among homeowners. Flooding happens more frequently than you may think and can cause serious damage to your home. Before moving into a new home, assess the property’s flood risk and insure your home. Here are some ways to protect yourself and your investment from the dangers of flooding.

Contact Your Local Floodplain Manager for Flooding Issues​

Every local government is required to have a floodplain manager to manage local ordinances and educate residents on flood issues. This person can help you with flood-related situations and solutions to water-based problems on your property. You can find your local floodplain manager by contacting your local government or the Association of State Floodplain Managers.

Hire a Licensed Land Surveyor or Engineer to Combat Flooding​

If you live in or are thinking about moving to a high-risk flood area, it is smart to have an Elevation Certificate. This establishes the lowest floor of your property in relation to the base flood elevation. The higher your lowest floor is above the base flood elevation, the lower the flood risk. If the property does not have an Elevation Certificate already on file, you will need to hire a licensed land surveyor or professional engineer to issue a certificate for you. They can also ensure that you are paying the correct amount for flood insurance.

House Flood Insurance

Get a Home Inspection​

Most home inspectors do not have knowledge of flooding or other natural disasters. You may need to hire an inspector with expertise in flooding to identify the source of the damage.

Obtain Flood Insurance​

When shopping around for flood insurance, it is helpful to work with an agent who has professional experience. You can find the companies that provide flood insurance through FEMA’s National Flood Insurance Program.

When shopping for a home, make sure to inquire about past flooding problems or if the area is prone to flooding. Talk to your buyer’s agent about how to obtain insurance for your new property in case of a water emergency. Let HomeHunt connect you with an agent in your area to start the home buying process.

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