Real Estate Tips for First-Time Home Sellers

What to Know as a First-time Home Seller

Your time in your current home has ended, and now it is time to sell. Unfortunately, first-time home sellers may feel overwhelmed and stressed during this process. To alleviate some of the stress you may be feeling, our team at HomeHunt put together some tips to make the process go as smoothly as possible. 

Pricing is Everything 

It is never wise to price your home too high and reduce it later. A listing agent can help you price your home accurately and ensure it is priced according to other homes in your neighborhood. Your agent will analyze comparable sales and prepare an estimate of value for a comparative market analysis. 

Staging Boosts Appeal​

Staging your home is an important step in the home selling process and helps potential buyers envision living in the space. The less furniture and personal items in the house, the better. Consider hiring a professional home stager to make your home look the best it can during real estate photos and in-person walkthroughs.

Home Seller Makes RepairsComplete Home Repairs Before Listing​

It is smart to make certain repairs in advance before the home inspection. Some easy fixes include a running toilet, leaky faucet, old water heater, or anything else that may be flagged by a home inspector.

Pick the Right Day to List Your Home​

The perfect day and time to list your home will depend on your community, the weather, time of year, your state, and the present real estate market. You want to pick a day that presents your home in the best way possible and makes a good impression on the real estate market. 

Understand Your Agent’s Real Estate Commission​

Before you hire an agent, discuss their commission rate and ensure that it is reasonable before hiring them. This is the person you will be working with all the way until closing; make sure they are giving you a good price and that they have positive recommendations.

Staging Home PhotographyBe Flexible with Home Showings​

Once your home is listed on the market, potential buyers will start to book home showings. It is important to be flexible with home showings and accommodate to the buyer’s schedule. If they want to come to your house on a weekend, make that happen. The more accommodating you are, the faster your home will sell.

Hire Professional Photographers​

Professional real estate photography goes a long way when selling your home. Your listing agent should be the one to provide a photographer, but if they do not, make sure you hire a professional to photograph your home. Real estate photographers know how to capture your home in the best light and make your space look the best it can on online listings.

Be Prompt with Your Response to a Purchase Offer​

Once you receive a purchase offer, respond quickly to the offer to ensure the buyer does not change their mind. If it is an offer you are happy with, accept it quickly to move the process along in a timely manner.

Selling a home for the first time may feel overwhelming. Let our team of professional realtors guide you through the process and limit the stress you may be feeling. Contact us today!


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