Outdoor Activities: Fun For All

Stay Active and Enjoy These Fun Outdoor Activities​

Spending time outside is good for the body and the brain. Despite the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic, there are many outdoor activities that you and your family can do outside that are safe and fun.

If you are feeling antsy inside, here are some fun outdoor activities that allow for social distancing but are still enjoyable.

Daily Walks

Walking is a great cardio exercise and helps you get some much-needed vitamin D. Instead of walking the same route every day, switch it up! Drive to a local walking path or take your walk at a local dog park to switch up the scenery. Walking the same path every day gets boring and makes walking feel more like a chore than a fun activity.

If you have children, play walking bingo during your daily exercise. Before you begin your walk, write down some things you may see along the way. While walking, have your kids try and spot each of the items on the list. Reward them if they succeed with a delicious snack or a few minutes of extra screen time.


The pandemic has caused us to be home most of the time. Why not take some free time to start a garden? Gardening is a relaxing activity that the whole family can enjoy. It is also rewarding when you start to see fruits and vegetables appear that can be used in family meals. If you have younger children, take this time to teach them about healthy food and the benefits of growing fruits and veggies from home. Let them plant any seed they want and teach them how to maintain their plant. Once they see it start to grow, they will be proud of their accomplishment.

gardeningOutdoor Games

Who says playing outside is only for kids? Here are some fun games to play outside that the whole family can enjoy:

  • Nature Scavenger Hunt – Create a list of different elements of nature and have your family members try to find everything on the list. Your scavenger hunt can include items such as plants, trees, animals, and birds. See how many items each family member can check off and give them a small reward if they complete the list.​
  • Play Ball! Play a game of soccer or whiffle ball to get some exercise and let out some aggression that builds up from being inside.​
  • Field Day – Set up games such as a water balloon toss, 100-yard dash, potato sack race, and an egg-and-spoon race, and watch as your family has fun competing against one another.​
  • Hide-and-Seek – Remember this game from your childhood? Well, kids still love to play it today! Split into teams if you have a bigger family and spend an afternoon finding creative places to hide.​


Biking is a great way to get exercise while also social distancing. If it is still cold out, bundle up and take a short ride around your neighborhood. This exercise can be done throughout the year and is a fun way to get your family out of the house.

It is important to learn your local and state orders before participating in any of the above outdoor activities. Once you learn what you can and cannot do during this time, plan some time to get outside!

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