Buying a Home Online: Virtual Home Buying

Why are More People Buying a Home Online?​

The COVID-19 pandemic has changed the way we do many different things in our daily lives. Companies and businesses have had to rethink how to operate and continue to succeed. Buying a home online has become increasingly more popular during the pandemic as it promotes social distancing and safety among all individuals involved.

Despite the positive strides toward ending the pandemic, there are still many locations in the United States that are suffering from the outbreak. This means that people still buy homes remotely and work with their agents via virtual meetings. This may seem complicated, but this process can run just as smoothly as a normal home buying experience. Here are some important steps to take when buying a home online.

Why Should I Buy a Home Online?​

Buying a home online is a smart idea because it helps all parties involved avoid close contact with the virus and keeps it from spreading. Another reason people choose to buy remotely is that they purchase a second home and cannot view the house in person before buying. If they are out of state or have obligations that prevent them from traveling, virtual home buying is the best option. Whatever the reason, the right agent can help make this virtual process as easy as possible.

Find the Right Agent to Help You Buy a Home Online​

During your virtual home buying journey, you will need to depend on a professional and dedicated real estate to handle the home-buying process. It is important to take the time to find the right agent who will understand what you are looking for in a new house and someone who matches your personality.

buy-online-body1Interview potential agents and get references to see what other buyers have to say and what their experience was like with specific agents. When you speak to potential agents on the phone or on video chat, ask them questions about the remote buying process and how many clients they have worked remotely with in the past. If they do not have any experience with remote buying, look for an agent who is used to the process and can better help you with finding a house virtually.

Create and Share Your Wish List​

Once you have found an agent to work with, start creating a home wishlist and share your wants and needs with your agent. This will help your agent find your dream home and ensure that you are getting what you need out of your new house. Make your list specific but be realistic. If you have too many requests, it will slow down the home buying process and make it very difficult for your agent to find a home that has everything you want.

You want to stick to the things that really matter – size, location, style of home, number of bedrooms and bathrooms, and closet types. Anything else can be fixed or updated in any home. If you have any absolute deal-breakers, make sure you tell your agent so they can stray away from showing you homes with those features.

Close Remotely​

Due to the E-Sign Act of 2000, your electronic signature is just as valid as signing documents in person. This is helpful during COVID-19 because it allows buyers to close on a house remotely. Your agent will send you all the pages of the contract and you will sign them using an electronic signature system. You can also transfer funds remotely during closing, so you do not have to physically be there to hand over a check.

Virtual home buying may seem complicated, but with the right team on your side, this process can be extremely easy and rewarding. Contact our team at HomeHunt to get your virtual house buying started today!

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